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Hybrid wedding photography

Hybrid wedding photography is a fun and timeless way to capture Photographs & Videoclips of your love story.
With our experience of years shooting Pre shoots, engagements and weddings, it’s safe to say that getting the combination of digital, flash and film wedding photography done by the same person. This makes you feel less stressful during the shoot and saves you lots of time too since photography and videography will be done at the same time. Lets say you’re not planning to go for a wedding video, choose hybrid photography instead. You will be given a 3 to 5 mins long wedding trailer with all the highlights of your wedding day from the beginning to end. On top of all it’s budget friendly too..
We’re sure you will love it !


We offer Photography and Wedding Films services in the following sub categories we have mentioned below. We have all sorts of categories to cover up your special days from the moment you decide to tie the knot. To begin with, lifestyle casual sessions will give you the chance to practice posing, finding the angle you look your best in, before the main shoot of your wedding day. And as for cinematography you can let us shoot a romantic video of you two either according to a pre discussed concept or based on your interests. After all photographs and video clips are the only way you can relive your special moments and to have a look back how gorgeous you were together. 


Wedding photography and wedding films can be chosen along with any other services like, a lifestyle casual session to let you get used to posing in front of the camera before the wedding, an engagement session, a homecoming session to cover your second day or even alone only for the wedding day. Free consultation service will provided to the couple on a pre appointed day prior to the couple to improve the outcome. Those who book us for wedding planning get a free set of planning sheets and checklists to help you keep everything in order.


You can either choose photography and cinematography along with the wedding or just the homecoming alone. You can always customize

Islamic Weddings

Looking for a Lady photographer to cover your event? We are here to cover you whenever you need a lady photographer for special events. Be it your mehendi function, pre wedding session, waleema or anywhere else you need a lady photographer in, you can simply contact us. We highly protect our clients' privacy and respect their needs.


Photography and cinematography services are available for those who are planning to have their registration ceremony before the wedding.

Life style Casual sessions

Being with lenses all day, even we are not pros when it comes to posing infront of the camera. We have our own fears and doubts being shot in an ugly way. Don't we? So why not taking this chance to practice before your wedding day and get to know angles that you look best in. And also do we ever shoot in casual wear with our partner apart from the casual session? We also need to keep in mind that on the wedding day couple shoot we have limited time to spend taking pictures or filming a video since you have to be at the reception on time. So it's always good to stay prepared and have a clear idea on how you are posing as bride and groom. Lifestyle casual session are really useful to overcome your fears and doubts on posing.


Have a look at our Baby Photography Work as well. Not only Love birds, we love babies too !


Let Us Crown up your dreams !

Sri Lankan Fine art and Life style Wedding Photography



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