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Oshi & Shamil

We have years of experience planning and shooting special days of lovely couples all over the island. Hundreds of couples have met us and believed in us to crown up their dream day. Be it photography, cinematography or wedding planning, we know exactly how to give an unforgettable service to our customers. 

I’m Shamil U. Indeewara

Hello there, Photography is my passion and I really enjoy being behind the camera shooting couples in the best possible way. I started doing wedding photography in Badulla, which is my hometown and then I met my soul mate, was in a long distance relationship for 10 years and moved to Mount Lavinia after my own dream wedding. So that’s where we are currently located. Apart from shooting and editing I follow and learn from youtubers around the world and try to stay up to date as much as possible. I believe Wedding industry is all about staying up to date and give our customers the latest possible version of services and products. 

– Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer

– BSc Gen. Applied Science (WUSL) | HND in Q.S.(Sheffield Hallam – UK) | Dip. in Photography (UOK) , Dip. in Photography (ITPA)

I’m oshi liyanage

Hi there, I love being a wedding photographer apart from being an art teacher which is my main career. At Snapking It’s me every couple gets to introduce themselves to first. And then I  start planning concepts that suit their looks and interests. I enjoy helping brides to choose their bridal attire and casual session costumes. We girls love shopping anyway!  

– Concept Designer & Wedding Photographer

– BSc in Education (Aldersgate University – Philippines) | DEEMIT (UOC) 

Our goal for every moment we photograph is to create a lovely memory that you’ll enjoy looking back again and again for a lifetime. We want you to sit with your young children and grandkids holding your wedding album in half a century, and tell them what an amazing day it was.. we grow old very fast, but memories live inside those photographs forever.. We care about every moment of your special day.. we never forget to capture those giggles of your girl gang, mischievous little ones and the group of handsome gentlemen. Because every moment has a memorable story.. And memories never lose their value over time. And we do understand how much it means to have memories of your big day preserved for a life time... because as a couple we have experienced the excitement of ours too.. We Crown Up Your Dreams!


Let Us Crown up your dreams !

Sri Lankan Fine art and Life style Wedding Photography



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